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Always room to grow

I’ve mulled over a career change for the past several years. The complicated part to all of this is that I have a good paying job, insurance benefits and it’s in a creative field (UI Design). I’m doing what I went to school for, so I shouldn’t have anything to complain about, right? Well, if only I didn’t feel like I’ve sold a part of my soul to the corporate world over the years. I’ve become restless and have noticed my right brain wandering — trying to unearth the original roots of where my creative fervor began. I’ve dreamed of designing furniture, room accents, you name it! but having a job and children will hinder the amount of time left in a day. One needs to get a good nights sleep! (Although I’m finding that blogging doesn’t get me to bed any earlier).

So, this is where my story begins and why I’ve decided to write a blog…

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, whom I’ll affectionately refer to as The Bean, I became instantly obsessed over finding interesting and modern furniture, art, toys, sheets, curtains, etc. to create the ultimate child’s surroundings. I couldn’t bear to shop at the standard Babies’r’Us for the crib, highchair, stroller, etc. but really had little choice in the matter because, at the time (5.5 years ago), there weren’t many options out there. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking this because shortly thereafter, modern kids furniture began sprouting up all over the web. It was nearly an overnight explosion. I expressed to my husband, over and over again, that I was compelled to open a modern kids furniture store, partially knowing that there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was going to lead a life in retail. Instead, I left it up to the gutsy entrepreneurs out there to pave the way :). Now, I simply obsess, research and aspire to have a thoughtfully functional, simple, modern and beautiful surrounding for my daughters. I’ve partially succeeded but there’s plenty of work to be done! Any parent knows that it’s a constant evolution. So, onward, I will research and pool together the glorious goods that exist in our world today that can enhance a child’s surroundings. I can only hope that my aspirations for creating an inspiring and beautiful environment will fuel the creative minds of my children and instill happy memories…afterall, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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