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Operation Organization

The time has come for me to take action and organize my girls’ play room. Every time I step into that room, I’m so subconsciously overwhelmed by it’s frenzied appearance that I usually have to step away and close the door in denial. Ms. Bean goes back to school in 2 weeks which will allow me a little extra time to take on a project. Their play room is what we call the “sun room” because it sits off Ms. Bean’s bedroom and it’s the sunniest, and warmest, room in the house. It’s a long & narrow room, so a tricky space to design; however, not impossible.





Here are my goals:

1. Get rid of the clutter! Less is more!
2. More utilitarian cubbies to organize books, baskets with art supplies, etc.
3. Make the current reading area more useful and inviting
4. Creative way to display the girls’ artwork
5. Keep costs to a minimum
6. Paint the room (it’s the same, boring beige color from when we purchased the house)

So, with these goals in mind, it’s time for me to begin my mission in organizing this space to maximize it’s potential. I will continue to keep a journal of my process…wish me luck!


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Toy recalls

With the news of Mattel recalling 9 million toys including Barbie and Polly Pockets — I can’t help but feel disturbed and even more disenchanted with cheaply manufactured toys. I’m tempted to throw a slew of toys and plastic figurines away that clutter my daughter’s room but I know the reprocussions of such a hasty act.

I’ve always been a big fan of wooden toys made by artisans. My mom is from Austria, so I grew up with unique toys and dolls that were hand made in Germany and surrounding countries. So, on the heels of the unfortunate recall, I thought I’d focus on some of the smaller artisans that make great toys that will undoubtedly stand the test of time and could eventually become a cherished heirloom for generations (well, I like to be optimistic at least).

Being from Seattle, I was thrilled to find a local company run by two inspiring moms. They started Nico & Zoe Toys in 2006 and their website is a hub of “uncommon and artisan made toys”.

Check out these adorable toys! I know Bean would love this sweet Wren Purse Sewing Kit. Handmade: Sparrowkids / London, UK


These sturdy wooden trucks called My Little Scoots, made in Vermont with non-toxic paints, are a sign of the times. Check out the recycling truck!
recycling truck

Then there’s the knit Socktopi! Handcrafted by Blackbird Fashions in Anacortes, Wa. My 1 year old could chew on Socktopi without me second guessing it’s safety. How great are those stripes!?
I find it comforting to know that there are fantastic toy artisans passionately crafting toys for our wee ones.

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