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Operation Organization

The time has come for me to take action and organize my girls’ play room. Every time I step into that room, I’m so subconsciously overwhelmed by it’s frenzied appearance that I usually have to step away and close the door in denial. Ms. Bean goes back to school in 2 weeks which will allow me a little extra time to take on a project. Their play room is what we call the “sun room” because it sits off Ms. Bean’s bedroom and it’s the sunniest, and warmest, room in the house. It’s a long & narrow room, so a tricky space to design; however, not impossible.





Here are my goals:

1. Get rid of the clutter! Less is more!
2. More utilitarian cubbies to organize books, baskets with art supplies, etc.
3. Make the current reading area more useful and inviting
4. Creative way to display the girls’ artwork
5. Keep costs to a minimum
6. Paint the room (it’s the same, boring beige color from when we purchased the house)

So, with these goals in mind, it’s time for me to begin my mission in organizing this space to maximize it’s potential. I will continue to keep a journal of my process…wish me luck!


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P’kolino Clothes Tree

The P’kolino Clothes Tree is an ideal example of form and function. With its amusing design, it would be a fun sculpturesque addition to a child’s room. Though I can’t help but wonder if this would inspire my daughter to pick up her room more often. The clothes tree stands 4′ high and is made in the U.S. by artisans who have been perfecting their trade for generations.


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Grace Table

Every kid needs a solid utilitarian table to draw, play and snack on. Designer Jennifer Delonge, the same creator of the Ava chair, has come up with the Grace Table made of formaldehyde free wood and low VOC paint (I love that!). The stools can be tucked under the table to maximize your space and you can mix & match the Grace Stools for a complete set (color swatches below).



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The best seat in the house

I love our Svan chairs! Plain and simple. After the Bean outgrew her high chair, we needed to find a seat that she could comfortably sit in at our dinner table. I wasn’t happy with the plastic booster seats — they would topple and were ultimately uncomfortable. The Bean would have been happier eating off the floor. Thankfully, after some research, I found the Svan chair and the rest is history. The Bean has had her Svan for the last 3 years and continues to grow with it. The story doesn’t end here because we bought a second one for our infant, whom I’ll nickname the Mini for now. The minute Mini was tall enough to peek over the tray, we popped her in.

The fantastic thing about the Svan is it’s compact size. We’ve got a narrow kitchen and I can tuck the Svan in a corner without the fridge door bumping into it. I only mention this because our big Graco high chair was like an elephant in the corner. It was a daily battle between the fridge and the high chair.


Let me make this easy and list out the Svan’s pros and cons:

– The seat and footrest are easily adjustable using the supplied Allen key
– Very space conscious design
– The design blends well with modern or traditional decor
– Several different wood stains to choose from
– Several different colored seat cushions to choose from
– The seat cushions are machine washable!
– The baby tray can be purchased as an extra option
– Plastic tray cover that easily snaps on and off for washing
– Lightweight and easy to drag around

– No wheels, so dragging could scratch floor (I added felt pads to mine)
– A little pricier than most high chairs but, think about it, you will use it for years. My 5.5 year old is still using hers
– I’m out of cons. It’s a great chair!


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I am a huge lighting fanatic. When creating a comfortable and inviting room, so much of the onus is on lighting. In my opinion, it can make or break a room. When we bought our house, the contractor had placed cheap Home Depot lights in every room. You can bet the first thing I did was scour the earth for lighting that would ultimately give each room personality and warmth. So, I thought I would focus on a handful of suitable lights for a child’s room. Unfortunately, most of them are quite girly (sorry boys). Please let me know if you’ve got any fantastic lights that would be suitable for our little guys…

Jonathan Adler’s Giraffe Lamp is an absolute classic and one that I couldn’t ignore. He’s the master of creating beautiful and whimsical pottery pieces. I salivate over this lamp and dream of putting it in my daughter’s room someday but I shudder to think that an airborne object could knock it over. Ah heck, it’s worth it though! Don’t you think?
Giraffe light

Not new to the decor scene but a nice look nevertheless, West Elm’s Capiz circles pendant lamp comes in 2 sizes. It’s a subtle, classic design that quietly enhances a room. I actually have this light in one of my rooms and I love it’s simplicity. I must mention that one of it’s features, that took a little getting used to, was the soft chiming sound it makes when a breeze flows through. I’ve come to realize that the chime of capiz shells sure beats a CD of pre-recorded nature sounds…

capiz roomwest-elm-light2.jpg

Then there’s Anthropologie’s Hanging Garden Globe light that’s so delicate and girly. I don’t know about you but I would have felt like a princess if I’d had this light hanging above my head as a little girl. Can you imagine?

globe light

Chandeliers tend to be pretty consistent classics, so I set out to find a couple of worthwhile finds. The Five Arm Multi Leaf And Flower Chandelier is definitely on the punchier side whereas the Ivory Leaf and Flower chandelier is simple and pretty darn charming, I think.



I debated posting these Rose Lights because I’ve already gone overboard with girly, flowery lighting; however, because they’re string lights, I thought they were a nice twist on accent lighting. I’ll bet they make a lovely glow at night for the little girl that needs to keep a light on.


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