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Operation Organization

The time has come for me to take action and organize my girls’ play room. Every time I step into that room, I’m so subconsciously overwhelmed by it’s frenzied appearance that I usually have to step away and close the door in denial. Ms. Bean goes back to school in 2 weeks which will allow me a little extra time to take on a project. Their play room is what we call the “sun room” because it sits off Ms. Bean’s bedroom and it’s the sunniest, and warmest, room in the house. It’s a long & narrow room, so a tricky space to design; however, not impossible.





Here are my goals:

1. Get rid of the clutter! Less is more!
2. More utilitarian cubbies to organize books, baskets with art supplies, etc.
3. Make the current reading area more useful and inviting
4. Creative way to display the girls’ artwork
5. Keep costs to a minimum
6. Paint the room (it’s the same, boring beige color from when we purchased the house)

So, with these goals in mind, it’s time for me to begin my mission in organizing this space to maximize it’s potential. I will continue to keep a journal of my process…wish me luck!


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Birthday party ideas…hmmmm

Little Mini’s 1st birthday is this Saturday and it feels like I’ve got so much to plan for. I ordered a cake for the friends and family yesterday and decided, after a bit of deliberation, that I had to make her first cake — especially since I made Ms. Bean’s first birthday cake. Afterall, it’s only fair. I didn’t want something so momentous to come back and haunt me 18 years later when the Mini can’t suppress her disapproving opinion about my mothering style any longer…”mom, why didn’t I get the same treatment as my older sister…?!“. It’s bound to happen one way or another but if I can dodge this bullet, then I will. So, I set out to find a unique cake pan tonight. I flew into Williams-Sonoma before they closed and found this fantastic octopus cake pan. It was perfect because it would be nearly impossible for me to screw it up. Frosting decoration is not one of my strong suits. I could handle the octopus because, if I happen to be short on time and energy, I can pour a simple glaze over him and…voila! Done!



I found this Backyard Bug Cakelet Pan on Williams-Sonoma site. If they’d been in stock this evening, I would’ve probably purchased them too; however, I would have become a hopeless baker all weekend. Whew…


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Etsy find: Knit spirited jacket

I absolutely love love love this hand knit spirited jacket from Just Jussi that I found on Etsy. May I have one in my size, please? This charming little sweater is made of organically grown, machine washable merino wool.


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Minimink bootees

Designed by a Melbourne mum, these faux fur Minimink bootees could possibly be the cutest booties I’ve encountered! Constructed of Minimink fur on the outside and 100% cotton lining on the inside, they look irresistably snuggly. They come in two sizes: XS goes up to 4 months and S is from 4-8 months. They come in three colors including milk, honey or chocolate.


While on the subject of Minimink, I can’t help but mention their luxurious faux fur blankets. The ultimate snuggling blanket to keep your little one warm and cozy. They measure 3’x 3′ which is a great size for oodles of practical uses beyond the infant stage.


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P’kolino Clothes Tree

The P’kolino Clothes Tree is an ideal example of form and function. With its amusing design, it would be a fun sculpturesque addition to a child’s room. Though I can’t help but wonder if this would inspire my daughter to pick up her room more often. The clothes tree stands 4′ high and is made in the U.S. by artisans who have been perfecting their trade for generations.


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Grace Table

Every kid needs a solid utilitarian table to draw, play and snack on. Designer Jennifer Delonge, the same creator of the Ava chair, has come up with the Grace Table made of formaldehyde free wood and low VOC paint (I love that!). The stools can be tucked under the table to maximize your space and you can mix & match the Grace Stools for a complete set (color swatches below).



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Zid Zid Kids

I was tickled to see these adorable ZZK cushions from Zid Zid Kids because I could just imagine the Bean using it as a her pal-around stuffy or as a pillow to snuggle up with. Imported from Morocco and designed by Moulay Essakalli and Julie Klear whose illustrations have been showcased in museums and galleries nationwide. They’re whimsical, illustrative quality are really sweet. I’m partial to the owl with his floral patch pocket…



The same designers have created the Mini Poof. What a great spin on the traditional Moroccan poof. With such a beautiful array of illustrations and colors, it’s tempting to collect all of them. They’re made of 100% brushed flannel cotton and are washable!


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